Hang in there, champ.

Over a month later and I’m still feeling only about 75%. My energy is still pretty low, body weight is still low too, my mouth is still insanely dry and my eyes are also not doing great. 

We saw Dr. Finn on Thursday, he basically told me, “hang in there, champ” and ordered a CT scan for mid December. After we get that back we’ll plan out our next step. 

I just saw my optometrist who informed me that my corneas are dry and inflamed and it’s making a major impact on my vision. I’ve got some pretty heavy duty eye drops I’m to use at least 4 times a day (until I get to AZ, where he told me to just “constantly dump them in” hahaha) and an anti inflammatory eye drop to use 4x a day too. I have a follow up with him after Thanksgiving to determine if I should get a new perscription or if I’ll be in better shape.