• Not Much to Report

    After a short 3 month break we saw Dr. Finn again today. Basically everything remains stable, with one nodule that has grown a bit; it’s now 21mm and was 17mm, but that was back in 2016 so that’s not much growth in 3 years. Dr. Finn is going to reach out to a radiologist to get a second opinion about maybe burning that sucker off. There’s a chance that by doing that there might be some kind of stimulation of proteins that stir up some extra immune system engagement, so it could be advantageous on a couple of fronts.

    I’m realizing now that I didn’t ask anything about the burning procedure… how’s that work!? Guess I’ll find out more when/if I need to.

    Soooo ummmm… yeah, next up date in 3 monthsish.