• Not Much to Report

    After a short 3 month break we saw Dr. Finn again today. Basically everything remains stable, with one nodule that has grown a bit; it’s now 21mm and was 17mm, but that was back in 2016 so that’s not much growth in 3 years. Dr. Finn is going to reach out to a radiologist to get a second opinion about maybe burning that sucker off. There’s a chance that by doing that there might be some kind of stimulation of proteins that stir up some extra immune system engagement, so it could be advantageous on a couple of fronts.

    I’m realizing now that I didn’t ask anything about the burning procedure… how’s that work!? Guess I’ll find out more when/if I need to.

    Soooo ummmm… yeah, next up date in 3 monthsish.

  • Stability

    Tumors are stable!

    …which seems lackluster after 2+ years of getting a shrinking report but I’m keeping my thoughts happy!!

    I’ll be switching to MRIs to limit my exposure to radiation (CT scans require radiation and they “usually don’t worry about it” with cancer patients, but since Dr. Finn expects me to need a lifetime of monitoring he said we might as well swap over) and my next scan will be sometime in June.

    June?! So soon! Yes. Suck. I’ve been doing 6 month scans for the last 18 months but Dr. Finn wants to make sure that the stability is actual stability, not a pause before the pendulum swings the other way. Makes me nervous about planning for Burning Man in August, but we’ll press on all the same!!