• Small update

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    Since our last appointment there has been little change. Can’t wait for it to be Jan 24th so we can hear the results from my next scan!!

    The opthomolgist that I saw didn’t have great news for me- I’m suffering from a severe case of dry eyes. The ducts that tears flow through are now dried too, resulting in a build up of dead cells in them (kind of like a scab) and the best remedy is a procedure where they apply a bit of heat and basically milk the ducts to clear the blockage. It’s a simple and quick procedure that’s done in an office, and I should see an immediate difference! It’s a little expensive because insurance companies see dry eyes as a “cosmetic” problem instead of a “medical” one. Lame! But oh well, I’m looking forward to scheduling it and seeing how it goes!

    My dry mouth persists as well, but the ever-awesome Danielle has found these great little melts to help coat, moisturize and lubricate my mouth. They’re also mint flavored so they help with the constant and terrible taste of mucus that I would otherwise have lingering. So that feels more tolerable now!

    About a month ago I lost my voice. Out of no where! In the matter of 20 minutes it went from normal to a mere squeak!! And it hasn’t come back fully. It’s very frustrating and I really hope to have a voice again soon. Drinking/eating warm things helps some, but not really. 

    My scalp was still tender and achy and I was pulling out handfuls of hair any time I touched my head. I was feeling very self conscious about my hair looking thin and curling weirdly. So on Christmas Eve, about 90 minutes before my mom’s house was to be full with 40 guests, D went out to get clippers and we shaved my head! Now I’m thinking about it much less and am enjoying the weirdness that is being a buzz headed woman!