Slowly but surely

Had the quickest appointment to date! They didn’t even take my blood! Woo!

But the good doesn’t stop there: my tumors are still (slooowly) shrinking. Timothy was 62x81mm at his largest, was 39x50mm in March, and is now 36x47mm. Timohthy was 19x32mm back in October, measured 9x14mm in March, and is now 8x12mm! Dr. Finn doesn’t want to risk putting my body through more so we’ll just continue to ride out this wave, even though it’s just barely moving. 

It’s strange to think of cancer as a chronic illness, but we’re all so glad that I’ll just be able to continue living life at a generally normal pace! My mouth continues to heal and I’m now creating saliva pretty much at a usual rate. 

Thanks, as always, for all the love and happy thoughts and sweetness. I’m so grateful for my friends and family!!!