• Round 1

    After ultrasound, CT scan, 2 liver biopsies, PET scan and many visits to various doctors Megan has been diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma. This is very rare cancer for anyone, and even more rare for a 29 year old healthy female. Megan has two masses in her liver and indication of lymph node involvement but no other symptoms. Her biopsy tissues are currently being sent to UCS for further testing.

    At this time we are beginning the process of determining the best course of treatment. Because one of the tumors is behind a rib, surgery may not be an option. July 1st we are meeting with Dr. Saab, a liver specialist at UCLA. In addition to chemo and radiation UCLA offers many cutting edge treatments.

    Also in process is a referral to a liver oncologist at UCLA. We feel that we have begun the process of building a team of professionals that will chart Megan on path to recovery.