• More good news

    Sorry for the long delay!

    I met with Dr. Finn about my latest scan results back on January 23rd. More good news!! The tumors continue to shrink! Though at a slower rate than previously. Dr. Finn expressed that he’d like to do another dose of immunotherapy but with my side effects still lingering he’d rather not roll the dice. I’m grateful for that; as long as the tumors are shrinking I’m happy to coast along. 

    I also went to see an ENT (ear, nose & throat specialist) last week. I learned that I have laryngitis, which explains why my voice has had so many issues and the cough that’s been the cause of lots of loss of sleep. Unfortunately the treatments are antibiotics and/or steroids, neither of which I can have! Bummer. The doc told me that it will eventually clear up on its own and for now I’ll just continue toughing it out. 

    In recharge news: My awesome wife and I were FINALLY able to take a honeymoon!!! We went to Kauai for a week and had the perfect trip. 

    Right after we got home we were presented with the final cut of a new short docu (only about 8 min) that our friend made about us. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to check it out, I’ll post a link below! It’s so well done and such an interesting way to look back at the love Danielle and I are lucky enough to have found in each other.