Just a little info

Megan here. We got a bunch of info on a few different routes we can take for treatment. The genetic testing didn’t really help us as far as leaning towards a type of treatment, unfortunately. The two treatments we’re looking to explore first are: nexavar- a pill I’d take twice a day, may have a few side effects (some people get terrible blisters on their hands and feet- eek!), and I’d take it indefinitely, as long as it’d keep the tumors from growing, at a low cost of $5000 a month (that’s if insurance won’t cover it). Or immunotherapy- I’d go in once a week for an injection, wouldn’t have a lot of icky side effects and it’d only cost about $10,000 a month (again, with out insurance)! WOOOO. 

There’s a lot of paperwork and junk, so it’ll be a couple of weeks before I start on anything. They took blood from me today and are getting another CT scan approved to use for baseline- I’ll probably get that next week. 

My lovely wife will update with more later, but I know some of you have been waiting patiently for news so there ya have it.